If there’s one thing we can expect from a Tom Cruise flick, particularly from the Mission Impossible franchise, is that the actor will be spotted performing some dare-devil action sequences.

A throwback to the earlier films in the MI series has seen Cruise mountain climbing, straddle the top of a train while fighting off bad guys, and even scale the tallest building, Burj Khalifa, in Ghost Protocol.

Needless to say, you need to be in great shape and form to be hanging from an airplane, just as it takes off, which is exactly what the 52-year-old is doing in Rogue Nation (M:I 5).


It takes a great deal of upper body strength to be able to perform and sustain such moves. And as is evident from the trailer, Cruise definitely kicked some ass to get into shape. Even his co-star Simon Pegg, in an interview with Event magazine, was quoted as saying, “I was asking what he did after filming because I thought if I had his secret I’d do the same. And then he told me—like two hours of wind sprints, things I hadn’t even heard of, endless hours of it.”

This is definitely not the first time a celebrity has needed to bulk-up or slim down for a role. Take Bradley Cooper, for example. His character in American Sniper needed him to gain 40lb of muscle weight. And let’s not forget how Jamie Dornan got ripped and sexy for his Christian Grey avatar; when you have to bare all, you better do it right!

But our personal favorite would have to be Channing Tatum. His physique in the latest installment of Magic Mike (here’s his workout) was absolutely drool-worthy, and let’s just say, sparked off some XXL-rated thoughts too.

On that note, if you’re looking for some fitspiration à‎ la Cruise,  look no further:

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