Nail Paint: Chemicals like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene have been cited as causes for an increase in still births, birth defects, and developmental issues among the babies of nail salon workers. While there is no conclusive data, tread with caution we say.

When it comes to beauty, natural and organic are two aspects that feature on the top of most checklists—whether it’s skincare, lipsticks, makeup or nourishment for your tresses. But, why stop at just hair and skin? It would seem that there’s now a growing demand for natural, low-chemical and gentle nail polish to combat the ill-effects of gel manicures that seem to leave you with brittle and weak talons.

According to the recent Mintel ‘Nail Color and Care US 2015 report’, 67 percent of nail art addicts are on the lookout for non-toxic lacquers that also provide some TLC. Call it a vegan diet for the nails, if you will.

Now, while a number of big names are getting in on the vegan action, the drawback still remains that most non-toxic varieties tend to have a shorter lifespan as compared to their chemically-laden counterparts, so chipping might occur sooner than anticipated. Perhaps, a good quality top coat might keep the color on for longer, but that’s still left to be seen.

In the meantime, we recommend you head to our DIY section to help your nails recover from those dreaded gel treatments, before you decide to color them in again.

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