Nothing’s impossible, because the word impossible itself says ‘I Am Possible’. Sounds too deep and philosophical? Sure it does but this very attitude can do wonders. A ‘can-do’ approach in life is advocated not only by our family and friends to overcome life’s hurdles but also by philosophers and therapists and even medical professionals to set in a feeling of well-being, derive emotional and mental stability and credibility.

According to a recent study published in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, developing an ‘I can’, mentality can help you shed that extra pounds you so want to get rid off. This study is specifically targeted towards women who are looking to shed their baby weight post pregnancy.

‘The way a woman feels about tackling everyday physical activities, including exercise, may be a predictor of how much weight she will retain years after childbirth,’ said James Pivarnik, a professor at Michigan State University, US. The study suggests that women who have belief issues about tackling the everyday barriers or incapable of sticking to a physical workout routine were more prone to retain their pregnancy weight as compared to others.

For the study, researchers followed 56 women during pregnancy and measured their physical activity levels, along with barriers to exercise and the ability to overcome them. Women who considered themselves less able to take on these barriers retained more of their pregnancy weight, a follow-up six years later showed. Among others factors, time, motivation and childcare issues topped the list of daily barriers.

Source: IANS

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