Teens today have easy access to alcohol. Binge drinking and bad hangovers are all part of a usual night out. But these habits could have serious consequences, findings say.

According to a new research published in the Journal of Clinical & Experimental Research, blackouts are likely to occur when the drinker is young and vulnerable. The main reason behind it is a spike in the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) beyond what is considered to be “legal intoxication”. The higher the alcohol levels, the greater the chance of a blackout. The study evaluated the pattern of alcohol-related blackouts in 1,402 drinking teens (837 females, 565 males) in Britain. It found that adolescents in the age group 15-19 are more likely to drink to the point of a blackouts, and experience the accompanying dangers like accidents, fights and unprotected sex.

The findings apply to most kids in this age group around the world. Parental guidance is imperative in such cases.

Source: IANS

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