Ironic as it may sound, cheaters continue to believe in the concept of love, and hope to find the right person, a new survey revealed. It said that around 77% of the people who have been unfaithful in past relationships, believe that true love does exist.

The survey was conducted by Victoria Milan, a website for committed people looking to cheat. It found that 60% of the cheaters believed in true love, and insisted that love must include an element of excitement and eroticism. Also, 36% of these unfaithful few declared that sexual attraction came with an expiration date, with many claiming that the physical excitement of their relationship was most likely to end within two years of being together.

However, 50% of the survey participants claimed that the sensual part of their “loving” relationship would never come to an end. Needless to say, there’s always hope for unconditional love.

Source: ANI News

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