A recent scientific study has discovered that egg consumption may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, according to new research from the University of Eastern Finland. The findings were published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

It is well known that type 2 diabetes is becoming increasingly widespread throughout the world. Research has even shown that lifestyle habits, such as exercise and nutrition, play a crucial role in the development of the disease.

In some studies, high-cholesterol diets have been associated with disturbances in glucose metabolism and risk of type 2 diabetes. In contrast, in some experimental studies, the consumption of eggs has led to improved glucose balance, among other things.

The study found that men who ate approximately four eggs per week had a 37 per cent lower risk of type 2 diabetes than men who only ate approximately one egg per week. This association persisted even after taking into consideration factors such as physical activity, body mass index, smoking and consumption of fruits and vegetables. The consumption of more than four eggs did not bring any significant additional benefits.

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