A good night’s sleep is likely to make you feel fresh and positive. Conversely, poor sleep could cause negative thoughts, suggests a new study in the journal, Cognitive Therapy and Research. The research found that people who slept for a shorter period of time or went to bed late experienced more negative thoughts than those who napped better. It went on to say that sleep disruption could be linked to the development of repetitive negative thinking.

The study, led by Binghamton Anxiety Clinic, also pointed out the relation between reductions in sleep duration and repetitive negative thinking. It demonstrated that getting better sleep led to reductions in the symptoms of mental disorders. Clinic director Meredith Coles went on to say that this finding could lead to a new way for treatment of individuals with emotional and behavioral disorders.

Be sure to get plenty of sleep at the right time of the day to avoid any unwelcome thoughts.

Source: IANS

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