Is your phone ruining your relationship with your kids? A new study in the journal Academic Pediatrics states that using smartphones especially during meals affects the emotional connection you have with your kids.

Corresponding author Jenny Radesky at Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) explains that mothers who use mobile devices while eating with their young children are less likely to have verbal, non-verbal and encouraging interactions with them.

The study revealed that mums who used mobile devices had 20 percent fewer verbal and 39 percent fewer non-verbal interactions with their children. Those with the greatest usage were significantly less encouraging toward their children.

Non-verbal interactions are important because they convey emotions. Parent-child interaction, especially at meal time, can have a protective effect on children’s health and is directly connected to obesity, asthma and adolescent risk behaviors.

Putting your smartphone away from time to time, could help you focus better on your children and improve your relationship with them.

Source: IANS

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