You are in good hands if the grocery shopping is handled by a woman in your household. According to researchers from the University of Montreal in Canada, women are more nutritionally informed and engage in healthier food shopping strategies than men.

While men’s eating habits are associated with the availability of healthy food sources in their neighborhood, women will go out of their way to pursue the same, if required. The study was based on data from the Canadian Community Health Survey (CCHS) and looked at the eating habits of 49,403 Canadians living in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Ottawa, taking into consideration the type and location of all food businesses. For the purpose of this study, supermarkets, grocery stores, fruit and vegetable stores and natural food stores were considered as potential sources of “healthy foods” (especially fruits and vegetables), while convenience stores and fast-food restaurants were considered less healthy food sources. Findings showed that women on an average, ate one extra portion of fruits and vegetables daily as compared to men. While for men, the intake of fruit and vegetables was positively associated with the proportion of healthy food outlets around their homes.

More research is needed to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms linking food environment and diet.

Source: IANS

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