Dishing out yet another celebrity secret this week, we bring to you the fitness mantra of Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie. And if her fabulously toned body and taut skin are anything to go by, we’re sure you’ll want to make note of how she finds her groove.

Fergie, like the rest of us, loves her food; so no low-carb diets and special meals for this A-lister. She eats what she likes, but pays close attention to her workout, because its an essential part of her being able to indulge whenever she wants.

According to the singer, constantly changing up her exercises and workout routines is what motivates her to hit the gym. “I have to keep it interesting. I have (to do) the treadmill, elliptical, bike and dance. I do the bands. I do it all. I have to work out because I love to eat,”  says Fergie.

In fact, the singer even got candid about her latest binge-eating spree, saying, “I had two Double-Doubles just last weekend.”

Of all the celebrity diets and workouts out there, we think this is the most realistic and sustainable plan.

Images Courtesy: Fergie/Facebook

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