We kick-start the week with some serious fitspiration, because guess who has taken to social media to show off his guns? It’s Vin Diesel, everybody; and he looks hot as hell as he poses shirtless, with his dad bod on display for all to see. Needless to say, the trending body type has given us quite a few cuties, what with Jason Segal, Leonardo Di Caprio and Vince Vaughn on the list.

However, none quite have the formidable six-pack abs of Vin Diesel, who is all set to redefine the dad bod at the young old age of 48! Well, given his intense workout, combat training and power-lifting sessions, are you surprised that’s what he looks like, shirtless? Sorry boys, but this man’s going to be hard to live up to.

And then we move on to another avid combat trainer, what with Ronda Rousey taking to Instagram with a new update. In action as she builds form and preps her body for UFC, she looks well-poised to win the Women’s Bantamweight champion title in Melbourne this November. “Champions always do more,”  and to truly know what that means, take a look at Ronda in training, if you dare.

On an end note, there was Khloé Kardashian who was after our own heart as she flashed a pair of pink sneakers while in cardio training. If like Khloé, you too, want to support Breast Cancer Awareness, we urge you to embrace #Pinktober 2015 and buy these beauty products that are donating their proceeds to the cause.

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