If you’re on a mission to gain muscle tone, listen up! A new study has discovered that vitamin E is extremely beneficial and can see you through the process, in a healthy and stable manner.

The benefits of vitamin E have been known for long. It’s has always been considered a powerful antioxidant. But now, scientists have demonstrated how without vitamin E, the plasma membrane, or the part that keeps a cell intact and keeps it from spilling its contents, will not be able to heal properly.

According to Georgia Regents University’s Paul L McNeil, a cell biologist at the medical college, “Part of how people build muscle is a more natural tearing and repair process, that is the no pain, no gain portion, but if that repair doesn’t occur, there is muscle cell death. If that occurs over a long period of time, there is muscle-wasting disease.”

For the study, which appears in the journal Free Radical Biology and Medicine, the research team used rat models who were fed a diet of either chow where vitamin E had been removed, or vitamin E-deficient chow where the vitamin was supplemented. They found vitamin E-deficient rats were generally deficient in their running ability and made significantly more visits to a grid, despite the fact that they received a mild electric shock when they stood there.

The study concludes that vitamin E is essential for rapid cell membrane repair and ultimately cell survival, which holds up across different cell types. In the whole jigsaw puzzle, your main takeaway is that a good dose of vitamin E will serve you well when you’re trying to build muscle tone.

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