Our New Show Isn’t Just Changing Bodies, It’s Changing Lives

Thu, Jun 8th 2017

Z Living Staff

"Why haven't you lost weight?" our host JD Roth of our new show The Big Fat Truth (premiering June 11) loves to ask. And he's heard every excuse out there: "I don't have time to exercise. I have the fat gene. I'm too stressed out. I can only afford fast food." Being overweight is not only bad news for your health — and can drastically shorten your lifespan and make you more prone to major health issues like heart attacks or diabetes — but it often robs you of living your best life.

In The Big Fat TruthRoth addresses the real reasons people struggle with their weight and unhealthy lifestyle habits, and gives them the tools and the optimism they need to transform their lives. Here's one of those truths: The big fat truth is that the secret to weight loss is in your mind. "Where are you fat? In your head! Your body is just the outcome!" declares Roth.

Watch the video above for a sneak peek at the new show, and check out more about The Big Fat Truth here.

Here's What The Big Fat Truth Is All About:

Using problem-solving and motivational skills, Roth takes on the challenge to help save the lives of everyday heroes who often put themselves last, especially when it comes to their health, from teachers, nurses, and moms, to chefs, diabetics, and even a few former participants from the show The Biggest Loser (former produced by Roth) who've gained back the weight and want to give losing it all another shot. Roth shows them how to change their lives and gain the ultimate reward of a healthier lifestyle.

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This Show Is Changing Lives (And Can Help You Too!)

On the series, you'll meet — among many — a diabetic whose sugar levels are so high that her eyes are bleeding internally and she's in danger of blindness and a teacher who is unknowingly snacking on almost 4,000 calories each day, barreling toward obesity and even more major health problems. But this show isn't just about changing your eating habits and losing weight (though yes, that's part of it!). It's about changing your perspective, your attitude, and your entire approach to health, wellness, and weight loss.

You'll cheer for the participants you'll meet on the show, of course, but along the way you'll learn some incredibly important health, wellness, and lifestyle lessons that can improve and elongate your own healthy lifestyle too.

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