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The Biggest Loser Contestants Reveal Their Weight Gain Struggles After The Show In First Look At The Big Fat Truth!


They may have lost a ton of weight on The Biggest Loser, but what happens after? Is it really possible to lose that much that quickly?

Creator J.D. Roth wanted to find out, so he's bringing back six contestants who lost a collective 630... READ MORE

Biggest Loser Contestants to Speak Out on Gaining Back the Weight

by Julie Mazziotta

On The Biggest Loser, contestants successfully shed hundreds of pounds with intense dieting and exercise, but when they returned to their normal lives, many READ MORE

How Clever Is Your Dog?

by Kelli Bender

Do you ever look at your dog and wonder what’s going on inside behind that precious, fluffy visage?

We all do. Sometimes it seems like our pups can read our minds, other times you have to point to a piece of turkey on the floor, right in front of their face five times before... READ MORE

Altar'd on Monsters and Critics

by James Wray

This week on Altar’d, Natifah and Reggie are looking to lose weight and transform their lifestyles before they get hitched.

The couple weight over 500-lb between them and are keen to lose some of it before their big day.

They anticipate that radical weight-loss... READ MORE

Would You Use a Matchmaker to Find Your Dog?

by The Doctors

“Underwater Dogs” photographer Seth Casteel has a new matchmaking show on Z Living that connects future dog owners with the right breed for their lifestyle.




An Engaged Couple Tries to Lose a Combined 80 Pounds Before Their Wedding -- In Only 90 Days!

by Rachael Ray

We all want to look and feel our best, but once you’re engaged you feel an extra sense of motivation, since of course, you have to look at those wedding pictures FOREVER. 

Engaged couples on the Z Living Network’s show READ MORE

Z Living Inks Carriage Deal With Cincinnati Bell

by MultiChannel News

January 18, 2017 (LOS ANGELES) – After doubling its distribution last year, Z Living has kicked off 2017 with a multi-year carriage deal with Cincinnati Bell Inc., part of the NCTC group of cable providers. The health entertainment network officially launched on Cincinnati Bell’s... READ MORE

10 Photos of Shelter Pups Bravely Conquering Their First Swim Lesson

by Kelli Bender

Famous animal photographer Seth Casteel may be best known for his underwater dogs shots, but he doesn't just snap photos of soggy pups, he also helps them find their doggy paddle.... READ MORE

Seth Casteel hosts new show 'Finding Fido'

by Good Day LA

Seth Casteel is a photographer and author who's made a splash with books like ‘Underwater Puppies’, ‘Underwater Dogs’, and ‘Underwater Babies’. He's now host of the show 'Finding Fido'. READ MORE