3 Tasty & Nutritious Ways To Eat Legumes

    Legumes are nutritional powerhouses. But many of you must surely be shying away from eating them. Now, here are 3 quick and easy ways to add them to your diet:

    This is probably the best way you can eat your legumes:

    • Wash them properly
    • Soak in water overnight
    • Drain off the water in the morning
    • Either you can have them in the morning or if you want them to sprout better, you can soak them for another night
    • Drain off the water and wash
    • Add crushed black pepper and rock salt and a dash of lemon
    • You can also use it as part of a salad

    Boiled legumes are a great way to get the required nutrients, especially if you want to eat light.

    • Wash and soak the pulses for an hour or so
    • Drain the water
    • Boil with a pinch of salt and turmeric
    • You can add some roasted garlic to enhance the taste
    • Add a dash of lemon and some black pepper
    • Garnish with fresh coriander, cilantro, spring onions or anything else that you fancy

    Legumes can make a great spread for sandwiches or as a dip with brown or pita bread or even Indian breads.

    • Wash and soak the legumes overnight
    • Drain off water and wash
    • Blend it in a blender by adding a little water to make a paste-like consistency
    • You can add your choice of herbs and spices to the same
    • Use as a healthy dip or eat on toast

    Simple and easy and can be rustled up by almost anyone, right? Try them out, and don’t forget to tell us if you’ve tried something we haven’t!

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