Ayurvedic Diet: Pitta Dosha


    Pitta body-mind types tend to favor liquid, pungent and oily foods. But if you indulge in these too much, you may throw your whole system off-balance. Ayurveda recommends that you incorporate dry, nourishing foods that are easy on the digestive system. Try the following suggestions for a healthy Pitta diet:

    • Cool foods work wonders to balance Pitta. As do sweet fruits and fruit juices – especially carrots, pears, dates, coconut and mangoes. Milk, yogurt and sweet rice pudding are also recommended.
    • Eat lots of foods that taste sweet, bitter or sour.
    • Basmati rice is great for Pitta body-mind types, as are all vegetables – especially bitter leafy greens. Go easy on the spices!

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