Eating Healthy Q&A: What Are 10 Essential Herbs And Spices?

    Use Herbs & Spices To Flavor Meals: Skip the cheese, butter and meaty sauces. Use some natural flavoring like fresh herbs and aromotic spices, which also have a lower calorie count.

    Q: What Are 10 Essential Herbs And Spices?

    A: Herbs and spices can bring a greater depth of flavor and vibrancy to any dish you are cooking. Give them a try!

    • Fresh Thyme: a wonderful lemony flavored herb that can be added to vegetable and meat dishes.
    • Fresh Rosemary: earthy with a strong flavor – a little bit goes a long way.
    • Fresh Sage: great to add when cooking poultry such as chicken or turkey.
    • Fresh Flat-Leaf Italian Parsley: a delicious addition or garnish for just about any savory dish.
    • Fresh Cilantro: great for fish or chicken as well as guacamoles or even on fresh grilled corn.
    • Whole Cumin Seed: tastes wonderful when toasted and then ground and used in spice rubs for meats, roasted vegetables and even guacamole.
    • Whole Fennel Seed: tastes wonderful when toasted and then ground and used in spice rubs for meats or to season sautéed vegetables.
    • Ground Cinnamon: a sweet addition to any baked goods. Make sure you use fresh cinnamon for maximum flavor, as opposed to old stuff that sometimes lingers around your pantry.
    • Red Pepper Flakes: add a little heat to any dish with a few red pepper flakes. A little bit packs quite a punch, so use sparingly.
    • Dried Bay Leaf: the “end all be all” to making stocks and soups.
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