Peach Pu-erh Slush



    • 48 ounces water, divided
    • 3 tablespoons pu-erh tea (a broad-leaf Chinese tea, available in specialty tea stores, some Asian grocery stores and online)
    • Fresh peaches, sliced


    1. Boil water and pour over tea. Steep, strain and set aside to cool.
    2. When tea has cooled, add to pitcher with the rest of the water. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze for a couple of hours.
    3. Remove cubes when almost frozen, put in blender with a couple of peach slices. Pulse briefly till slushy.
    4. Pour into glass and serve garnished with fresh peach slices.

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    Jody Rudman is the host of What’s Brewing? and founder and owner of Tempest Tea, a retail-cafe tea concept in Dallas. Tempest now has two locations in the Dallas area, and several franchise requests worldwide. Jody and her husband started Tempest Tea with an eye toward promoting tea as a health beverage, and an alternative to coffee and soda. Part of their mission is to educate the public on the health benefits of tea, as well as proper ways to brew and enjoy it. Tempest offers over 75 varieties of tea as well as a canned green tea soda and 2-ounce herbal boosts. Jody created each of Tempest’s blends of tea and supervises their importation, quality control, blending and packaging. Tempest offers black, green, white, rooibos and herbal teas, as well as chais in four varieties, yerba mates, bubble tea, and tea smoothies. All teas are organic and fair-trade certified, all are offered in loose leaf form, and several are available in biodegradable teabags. Jody and her husband have lectured extensively at conventions and to private groups on subjects ranging from growing, picking and processing tea leaves, to the differences among tea varieties, to the proper methods of brewing and enjoying tea, to loose-leaf and bagged teas. Tempest Tea has been featured on TV and in magazines and newspapers. Tempest, which Jody designed, has been photographed and featured in Southern Living magazine, American Way magazine, a book of tea houses of the south, and numerous other publications. Tempest also has a wholesale business, selling products to markets worldwide in grocery, coffee shop, health club, spa, and cafe distribution channels. Jody is also an actress. She has played principal roles in national commercials for AT&T, La-Z-Boy, Don Pablo’s, Zatarains, Stanley Steemer, Mass Mutual, Denny’s and the Z Living network, among others. She has also appeared in regional print and television advertisements, as well as theater productions and films.