How to Make Almond Milk

    almond milk in a glass next to raw almonds

    Have you ever wondered how to make almond milk at home? If you’ve scanned the list of ingredients on many almond milk cartons, you’ve probably found suspicious ingredients or ingredients you’ve heard unpleasant things about.

    Take carrageenan, for example. This food additive has been found in many brand-name almond milk recipes and has been linked to negative side effects.

    If you’re on a dairy-free diet, however, or simply prefer almond milk, it may seem like you have limited options when it comes to enjoying a glass of all natural almond milk.

    But making a creamy almond milk recipe at home is incredibly easy to do. You don’t have to rely on store-bought almond milk for your smoothies or baked goods anymore. Instead, you can make natural almond milk at home, free of any preservatives or food additives.

    To make almond milk, you simply need some almonds, filtered water, some kind of strainer (such as a nut-milk bag or cheesecloth), and a blender. The best part is that you can customize your homemade almond milk to your own tastes.

    Add a couple of dates to your almond milk for a naturally sweetened touch, or a splash of vanilla to add a hint of vanilla flavor. Or, go the extra healthy route and simply make an unsweetened version of almond milk that you can indulge in guilt-free.


    Cook time: 0 minutes
    Prep time: 10 minutes
    Idle time: 4 hours
    Servings: cups



    1. Drain the almonds, discarding the water that they were previously soaked in. Rinse the almonds, then add the almonds to a blender.
    2. Add the filtered water to the blender, then mix until the mixture looks creamy and smooth.
    3. Pour the almond milk through a nut-milk bag or a cheesecloth into a large bowl. Squeeze the bag or cloth really well to make sure you get as much liquid as you can.
    4. Store the almond milk in an airtight container in the fridge. The milk should last about 4 days.

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