Green Living QA: Tips For Buying Eco-Friendly Paint?

Fri, Oct 31st 2014

Beth Greer

Q: I’m six months pregnant and getting ready to paint the nursery. What do you recommend I use to reduce my exposure to fumes and is there any natural house paint you can recommend? A: It’s so smart of you to make sure both you and your unborn fetus are not exposed to...

Green Living QA: What Is The Best Way To Avoid Dust Mites?

Thu, Oct 30th 2014

Beth Greer

Dust mites are microscopic creatures that live by the millions in mattresses and bedding (in couches, carpet, stuffed toys and old clothing too!). They feed on the dead skin that falls off the bodies of humans and animals and are second only to pollen in causing...

Green Living QA: Tips For Eco-Friendly Wallpaper?

Thu, Oct 30th 2014

Beth Greer

Since wallpaper covers a lot more surface area than you think, it can have a big negative affect on your indoor air quality. Unknowingly, we buy what we think looks good rather than what’s safe. First and foremost, avoid vinyl (or PVC) wallpaper. According to the...

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