Healing QA: Treatment For An Enlarged Prostate?

Thu, Oct 30th 2014

Written By Yogi Cameron

Q: What can I do for an enlarged prostrate? A: An enlarged prostate, like many conditions diagnosed through Ayurvedic methods, is treated as based on the specifics of the patient’s imbalances. One man may have an enlarged prostate and experience low back pain,...

Healing QA: Tips For Arthritis Pain Relief?

Thu, Oct 30th 2014

Written By Yogi Cameron

Q: How do I relieve ankle and knee pain caused by arthritis? A: The nature of the therapies and treatments you employ for your arthritis will depend entirely on the nature of the arthritis you have. If you experience the brittle dryness of osteoarthritis, you likely...

Healing QA: Treatment For Diverticulitis?

Thu, Oct 30th 2014

Written By Team ZLiving

Q: What changes should I make in my diet for diverticulitis? And what do I do if I am allergic to most fruits, nuts & seeds? Also, I am over 20 pounds overweight, and still have to cook a different meal for my husband, a picky eater, whose weight is fine. It’s all...

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