Travel To Espiritu Santos With The Posh Pescatarian

Mon, Jun 5th 2017

Abhijita Kulshrestha

Stuck in the office this Memorial Day weekend? Take a trip with the lovely Stephanie Harris-Uyidi, host of The Posh Pescatarian, on Mondays at 9PM on Z Living. Stephanie travels the globe creating fabulous seafood recipes using the freshest local ingredients. Recently, she traveled to La Paz, the capital of Baja California Sur, in Mexico. 

La Paz is a gorgeous tourist destination, where you'll find delicious food and beautiful beaches for sightseeing. For the outdoorsy types, you can take advantage of picturesque snorkeling adventures and virgin beaches begging to be explored. There’s even plenty of churches and ancient tales for the history buffs.

Watch Stephanie meander through the local fashion stores and finally pick an outfit for snorkeling.

Stephanie also takes us through the local market or mercado, where she purchases fresh fish, ripe fruit and other produce to prepare a mouth-watering repast of mango and habanero ceviche. The local fishmonger recommends she try making the ceviche with some triggerfish, which has almost the same flavor profile as red snapper. She also uses beautiful golden mangoes and citrusy but hot habanero chilies.

She jumps into a boat and heads out, an hour away from La Paz to the Isla Espiritu Santos, where she lands on a pristine, secluded, exclusively private beach. Surrounded on three sides by magnificent red stone cliffs, the beach is like a mini-paradise. Stephanie sets up her table and gets started on preparing her gorgeous meal.

Mixed with diced red onion, seasoned with some salt, freshly cracked pepper, finely minced fresh cilantro, and olive oil, she ‘cooks’ the ceviche in freshly squeezed lime juice over a period of three hours. It would be more if the fishmonger had not been kind enough to cut the fish fillets into really small cubes.

Downed with some well shaken Hibiscus margaritas, Stephanie and her guide friend raise a toast to the good life before she heads off to do some snorkeling in the crystal waters surrounding the beach.

Join us for more yummy, exciting adventures with The Posh Pescatarian.

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