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Yogi Cameron: A Model Guru

An insomniac since childhood, Aggie needs Yogi Cameron to help her sleep at night. Using oil treatments, yoga, meditation, astrological advice and dietary changes, Yogi Cameron works to correct her troubled sleeping habits while Aggie struggles with the discipline required to achieve the results she desires.

Chasing The Yum

This week Chef Jet prepares these classic Indian dishes: Raita, Naan and Dhal.

Peggy K's Kitchen Cures

Disease can be passed down through generations, but there are preventive measures you can cook up to fight the battle against those bad genes. Peggy’s Walnut Crusted Halibut has nutrients to fight against breast cancer. Beet Salad and a Purple Corn drink could cleanse out colon cancer. Chef Roberto Santibanez makes the perfect Red Snapper to snap your heart back into rhythm. Then for dessert, a Green Pudding Parfait for the brain, the ultimate weapon against Alzheimer’s.

Yoga Sutra

This episode explores the practice of mantra and Sanskrit chanting. Jai teaches students a basic mantra and moves through a sequence of asanas and breathing that demonstrates how the science of sound is an extremely powerful aspect of yoga practice.

The Juice

Richard Blais shares the top four food trends.


Today, host Bari Koral and her friends have spooky fun on Halloween! First, we’ll trick-or-treat dressed up as superheroes! Then, we’ll wash our costumes in the washing machine after all the Halloween fun. In Relaxation Park, Bari tells a story of a sneaky witch, today on Yogapalooza!

The First Step

Fitness trainer, Kurt Chacon, shows us how he stokes the flames of fitness and love by helping couples take that first step—finding an activity they can do together. For our relationships to work out, we might just need to work out.

Wise Up!

Top Chef alum and natural nutritionist Andrea Beaman is back. This time she shares her infectious enthusiasm for wholesome living by crisscrossing the country in search of healthy spas, rejuvenating treatments and holistic therapies.

What's The Alternative?

In What’s the Alternative, medical journalist Portland Helmich meets with health experts, psychologists and healing arts practioners to explore non-traditional techniques for a healthy mind and body.

What's Brewing?

From the healthful effects of ordinary coffees and teas, to the powerful properties of yerba mate and fermented drinks, What’s Brewing brings us on a fascinating trip into the origins of beverages from around the world.

What Happens Next?

Take a fascinating peek inside the body, as Dr. Keller Wortham shows us what happens next as we react to the foods, stressors and stimuli we experience every day. You may just kick some of those unhealthy habits after all.

What A Relief!

Master herbalist Amanda McQuade-Crawford shares the extraordinary healing properties of common herbs that we can all grow at home. From soothing skin treatments to herbal cold and flu remedies, Amanda brings us the best in over-the-kitchen-counter relief.

Living Top 10

Veria Living Top 10 is a countdown show celebrating the very best in the world of health and wellness. Today’s best and brightest healthy lifestyle gurus, nutrition experts, fitness mavens, doctors and the occasional dose of comic relief join forces to entertain and inform viewers, giving insight and advice on living a healthier life.

Under The Sun

Explorer Nathan LeRoy takes us on globetrotting adventure in search of the world’s most fascinating organic farming techniques, medicinal plants and unique foods to keep us healthy.

The Sweet Truth

Who wants to sacrifice sweetness for sanity? Sugar-free and gluten-free dessert chef Kelly Keough lets us in on the secret to satisfying our sweet desires by using natural, healthy alternatives. Indulge yourself… without the guilt.

Fun To Grow On

Fun to Grow On helps you stop the video game insanity with ideas for great games and activities that will get your kids off the couch and get them moving. Plus, tips for healthy kid-friendly snacks. Unplug and reconnect.

The Lisa Oz Show

The Lisa Oz Show is committed to exploring life’s everyday issues, answering questions and providing guidance for its viewers.  Lisa will empower others to live well, and no topic is off-limits to her celebrity, expert and real-life guests. 


BollyBlast is a Bollywood dance workout with health and fitness expert Hemalayaa Behl that will transform your mind, body and spirit. Through this east meets west format, learn Indian dance technique, posture, hand gestures and expressions.

Hot On The Trail

Follow wild foods expert Sunny Savage through fields, forests—even swamps—in search of delicious, all-natural wild eats. Part travelogue, part cooking show, we’ll never go hungry when we’re hot on the trail.


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