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Join singer and yogi host, Bari Koral and her sidekick Dred as they ignite kids imaginations through music, yoga moves and pure fascination.


The Juice

The Juice is a live lifestyle audience talk show squeezing in a fast-paced mix of celebrity guests, pop culture headlines, food, health, fitness, fashion, beauty and more!

TV Shows


Yogi Cameron: A Model Guru

Yogi Cameron, former super model turned ayurvedic healer and yoga master uses ancient healing treatments to help people recover from their health issues.

The Lisa Oz Show

The Lisa Oz Show is committed to exploring life’s everyday issues, answering questions and providing guidance for its viewers.  Lisa will empower others to live well, and no topic is off-limits to her celebrity, expert and real-life guests.

Rock Your Yoga

Sadie Nardini brings her down-to-earth yoga tips and centered-living tools to a yoga series like no other. She combines alignment tips, solutions for common ailments, nutrition tips and action steps to bring the yoga lifestyle to everyday living.

Living Top 10

Living Top 10 is a countdown show celebrating the very best in the world of health and wellness. Today’s best and brightest healthy lifestyle gurus, nutrition experts, fitness mavens, doctors and the occasional dose of comic relief join forces to entertain and inform...

Under The Sun

Explorer Nathan LeRoy takes us on globetrotting adventure in search of the world’s most fascinating organic farming techniques, medicinal plants and unique foods to keep us healthy.

Natural Companions

From acupuncture to nutrition and homeopathy, explore the vast world of holistic pet care with guidance from veterinarians and experts.


BollyBlast is a Bollywood dance workout with health and fitness expert Hemalayaa Behl that will transform your mind, body and spirit.  Through this east meets west format, learn Indian dance technique, posture, hand gestures and expressions.

Got Zen?

Got Zen? will help you get your day started with daily relaxation techniques for the mind, body, and spirit. Host Bex and her special guests will share their expertise and philosophies that will help you find find peace, tranquility and happiness.

Simply Beautiful

Our mothers and grandmothers have been telling us all our lives: beauty is more than skin deep. Now Roni Proter proves it by showing us how to be beautiful, naturally, as she explores healthy alternatives in the world of beauty, fashion and fitness.

Yoga For Life

Known for his innovative work with professional athletes, yoga master Kurt Johnsen’s fun and easy-to-follow routines will have you at “ohm”.

Naturally Beautiful

We put in a lot of effort to look beautiful, but it’s not always effective. Sometimes too much makeup is applied or too much money is spent. “Naturally Beautiful” will change that by helping you naturally achieve the beauty that is right for you!

What Happens Next?

Take a fascinating peek inside the body, as Dr. Keller Wortham shows us what happens next as we react to the foods, stressors and stimuli we experience every day. You may just kick some of those unhealthy habits after all.

Chasing the Yum

No one knows nutrition-packed Asian cuisine like Iron Chef challenger Jet Tila. Let’s grab our chopsticks and enjoy the “yum” as Chef Tila demystifies techniques and shares the secret of how to prepare classic Asian dishes.

Hot On The Trail

Follow wild foods expert Sunny Savage through fields, forests—even swamps—in search of delicious, all-natural wild eats. Part travelogue, part cooking show, we’ll never go hungry when we’re hot on the trail.

Sports Dads

Host Deion Sanders is on a mission to restore balance to families over-stressed by parents hell-bent on raising superstar athletes.

Pilates From The Inside Out

Looking for a Zen way to transform your body and get killer abs? Pilates from the Inside Out is your ticket to core strength, more flexibility and that much sought after six-pack– with peace of mind and not a whole lot of sweat equity.

Fed Up!

Top Chef alum and natural foods chef Andrea Beaman shares how to break unhealthy eating routines, shed pounds and boost energy with delicious and easy-to-make meals.

Feng Shui Living

Take your home from design drab to fab and ensure good health at the same time with the ancient Chinese secret of feng shui. We’ll show you how to transform your house into a sanctuary of good mood, vitality and productivity… and great design, of course.

The First Step

Fitness trainer, Kurt Chacon, shows us how he stokes the flames of fitness and love by helping couples take that first step—finding an activity they can do together. For our relationships to work out, we might just need to work out.

Naturally Delicious

Chef Ann Gentry introduces us to the new vegetarianism – organic, scrumptious meals that will tempt even the most cynical of carnivores. Follow her step-by-step recipes, with a southern twist, for the ultimate vegetarian gourmet experience.

The Sweet Truth

Who wants to sacrifice sweetness for sanity? Sugar-free and gluten-free dessert chef Kelly Keough lets us in on the secret to satisfying our sweet desires by using natural, healthy alternatives. Indulge yourself… without the guilt.

What A Relief

Master herbalist Amanda McQuade-Crawford shares the extraordinary healing properties of common herbs that we can all grow at home. From soothing skin treatments to herbal cold and flu remedies, Amanda brings us the best in over-the-kitchen-counter relief.

Fun To Grow On

Fun to Grow On helps you stop the video game insanity with ideas for great games and activities that will get your kids off the couch and get them moving. Plus, tips for healthy kid-friendly snacks. Unplug and reconnect.

Everybody Nose

Master aromatherapist Noelle Katai shares the scent-sational healing properties of essential oils and how they promote the body’s natural ability to balance and heal itself. She demonstrates how scents play a key role in improving our well being.

Wise Up

Top Chef alum and natural nutritionist Andrea Beaman is back. This time she shares her infectious enthusiasm for wholesome living by crisscrossing the country in search of healthy spas, rejuvenating treatments and holistic therapies.

What’s Brewing?

From the healthful effects of ordinary coffees and teas, to the powerful properties of yerba mate and fermented drinks, What’s Brewing brings us on a fascinating trip into the origins of beverages from around the world.

What’s The Alternative

In What’s the Alternative, medical journalist Portland Helmich meets with health experts, psychologists and healing arts practitioners to explore non-traditional techniques for a healthy mind and body.

Genesis Of Healing

For thousands of years, acupuncture has been used to treat ailments. Who first understood these healing effects of herbs and flowers? The Genesis of Healing takes us back in time for a fascinating look into the origins of holistic and natural remedies.
Labor Of Love

Labor Of Love

You’ll be amazed as we follow real-life parents-to-be and their midwives on the incredible and sometimes scary journey to natural childbirth– without medication or hospitalization!


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