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Sometimes, it can be easier to create a zen atmosphere that promotes mind, body, and spirit in your home rather than your office. After all, your home provides you free reign over decor choices, while the office doesn’t permit as many opportunities to customize it. That said, it’s still possible to bring wellness into your workspace with some creative decorating tips.

6 Tips to Bring Wellness into Your Workspace

While going completely Feng shui at work may not be possible, you can bring healing elements into your workspace that will promote wellness in your life even when you’re not in your own private sanctuary.

1. Keep Your Workspace Organized

Keeping your desk and office organized is about more than just making your space look clean. While a clean workspace is aesthetically nice, keeping your pens, papers, and folder organized will promote more calmness and clarity in your life. When you can easily find and see where all of your work materials are, there’s less opportunity to be stressed out at work.

2. Keep a Calendar and Schedule Things

Similar to an organized workspace, a calendar will help you maintain a sense of calm in your life. When your scheduled meetings, tasks, and events are all neatly laid out in a calendar, you’re not left stressed and frantic about when you’re going to get things done or wondering what time you’re supposed to be at some place.

3. Decorate with Fresh Flowers

Most offices tend to have fluorescent lighting with white, beige, or gray-toned workspaces. A vase with fresh flower will bring life into your workspace, as well as a pop of color. The fragrance, color, and freshness of the flowers will brighten your mood and make you feel connected to nature.

4. Use Natural Materials

If you happen to have your own office, then you’ll have greater opportunity to style the room with your own rugs, chairs, and pillows. When you are picking a rug or pillow, for example, choose fabrics and products made from natural materials. Even if you only have a cubicle to decorate, you can still choose to use natural materials, such as a bamboo pencil holder or desk organizer. It’s all about bringing a little bit of nature into your workspace to provide more harmony between the indoors and outdoors.

5. Decorate with Salt Rocks, Crystals, and Other Natural Elements

Use natural elements to promote a relaxing workspace. You can add a soothing glow to your workspace with a Himalayan salt lamp, since candles are often not allowed in offices due to the fire hazard. You can also find beautiful crystals that promote healing energy and place those on your desk, or use large ones as bookends for your files and folders.

6. Keep Healthy Snacks and Water at Your Desk

Keeping a full water bottle on your desk is always a great way to promote better hydration. We often drink coffee at work, or just forget to get in enough water, which leaves our bodies dehydrated and sluggish. Having fresh water readily available, within sight, will prompt you to hydrate more throughout the day. Low-sugar protein bars are also useful to keep on hand to prevent any afternoon fatigue or crashes later in the day.


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