Bibliophiles would agree that a hot cup of coffee and a good ol’ book is all it takes to unwind after a long day. While flipping through those pages, you are instantly transported to a world beyond yours. But there’s more to it than just mental nirvana. Here are some interesting benefits linked to reading books.

 1. Stress Reduction
Reading can distract you from your worries. The book in hand will immerse you so intensely that when you’re done with it, you will emerge more stress-free and calm. Apart from that, studies also confirm that reading decreases cortisol levels, lowers heart rate and reduces muscle tension.

2. Brain Workout
Unlike television, where your brain only records the scene on screen, books encourage you to use your brain more actively. When you read, you begin imagining and visualizing the plot, thus exercising your brain.

3. Improves Memory
While reading a story, your brain will register and remember all the characters and events and sync it with the story build-up. This trains your memory to function better and respond more effectively.

4. Expands Your Knowledge
Learning about the Cuban revolution through a series of timelines and events seems like a boring job. But journeying through the streets of Cuba, reading the point-of-views of soldiers and revolutionaries can instantly get you enthusiastic about it. Through every book, we learn a little something about distant lands and people, thus expanding our world views and knowledge.

5. Teaches You Empathy
Books give you an insight into the lives of multiple characters where you can feel their joys and sorrows. Their points-of-view and experiences can make you more empathetic and humane.

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