Last week, comedian Amy Schumer dined at Long Island restaurant Peter’s Clam Bar, and reportedly left a generous tip for her server Ryan, with whom she had chatted for a while.

After learning that he was a struggling student working two jobs to support his education, she left a $500 tip on a $49 bill. It probably also had something to do with the fact that Amy has waited tables and tended the bar at some point before she made it as an actor and comedian. Of course, she downplayed it with the tweet below, in signature Amy fashion.

amy tweet

While you don’t have to follow her example to the letter, do keep in mind these basic tipping etiquette guidelines:

  1. Although it is customary to tip 10 percent of your bill, it actually doesn’t matter how much your meal costs. Whether you eat a five-course dinner or are just grabbing a snack, tip anyway, and make it a decent amount.
  2. Be discreet, and don’t wave your money around, thinking you will impress anyone or worse, wait for a reaction from your server. You are showing your appreciation for their service, not buying their loyalty.
  3. If there was a problem and it has been successfully resolved, don’t punish the server by ‘forgetting’ to leave a tip. However, feel free to show your displeasure if the matter was a serious one and was not addressed. Of course, it’s best to avoid returning to the establishment; you don’t need to patronize a place that clearly doesn’t value you as a customer and also, do you really want to get on the wrong side of the people who handle your food? We didn’t think so.

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