For many people, work occupies a sizable chunk of their waking hours. According to a report by Psychology Today, one spends 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. Why not make them count? To do so, you must establish a healthy routine—from your eating habits to your interpersonal relationships.

That’s exactly what experts share on one of the latest episodes of Living Top 10. A panel of experts, including stylist Mark Brunetz, The Bachelor’s Bob Guiney, and Dr Holly Lucille, a naturopath, talk about how you can put your best foot forward at work, and garner job satisfaction at the same time.

Here are some more tips on being well-balanced at work:

  • A positive first impression can do wonders, but you need to maintain your behavior for long-term results.
  • Pay attention when people are speaking to you, use eye contact, expressions and gestures that are appropriate for the situation.
  • Choose an attire that reflects the work environment, be well-groomed, and let your personality shine through in little accents. Neat and clean is better than fashionable or flashy, especially when your accessories speak volumes.
  • Be alert, courteous and punctual, always.
  • Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, so think about how you appear when you grovel in front of your superiors, but mistreat administrative staff. Assess the dynamics you share with different colleagues, and adjust them based on your personal equation with each one of them.
  • Think hard before allowing your personal and professional life to overlap. While you can relax and share basic details in the office such as talking about your child’s excellent performance at school, or your spouse’s promotion at work, be wary of sharing details of your romantic life or your weekend drinking binges. This information can be used out of context to undermine your work performance.
  • It goes without saying that workplace romances are trickyand highly avoidable, while flirting, gossiping and sexual innuendos should not be encouraged.
  • Taking personal calls, talking loudly on the phone, letting it ring at full volume, listening to music without earphones, and shouting across the office to attract someone’s attention, are all indicative of your desperate desire to attract attention.
  • Barging into someone’s office or workspace, eating at your desktexting during meetings and interrupting others, all make for rude behavior that paints a very sorry picture of you.

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