Kriya yoga, when broken down to its original Sanskrit name means ‘to move’, which is the literal translation for the word ‘kriya.’ It is the perfect synchronization of your mind along with your body, where the attention paid towards your energy pathways helps improve concentration as well as increases awareness.

While mastering the poses might take time, here are a few health benefits that will definitely push you to try them out.

  1. Energizes All Parts Of The Body

Kriya yoga is the practice of opening up the energy pathways in your body. Through Kriya yoga, you can help your body feel energized in a short span of time and revitalize your internal organs such as your thyroid, liver, pancreas, and spleen, which in turn will improve your overall health.

  1. Improves Blood Circulation

Performing Kriya yoga can help improve blood circulation to your brain as well as your spinal cord, which will help to provide a steady flow of oxygen throughout your body and keep your system functioning the way it should.

  1. Good For Your Digestive System

Kriya yoga has the power to open up and revitalize your digestive system, as well as your genital areas, your respiratory system, nervous system, cardiovascular health and excretory system.

  1. Helps You Stay In Shape

As Kriya yoga helps to keep your digestive and other systems in perfect health, it is also great for your overall body and helps to balance your weight. Practicing it will let you stay lean and fit and also slow down the process of aging.

  1. Balances Your Breathing

Kriya yoga can help create synchronization between your mind and breathing. It can help you control your breathing, which will further help you stay calm and prevent anxiety and stress. By increasing your sense of awareness and your concentration powers, it can transform negative energy into positive energy, thereby making you happier and healthier.

Follow these steps to start practicing Kriya yoga.

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