ancient Chinese practice, cupping relies on the same principles as acupuncture. By stimulating qi, it has become increasingly popular with the Hollywood set. Cupping has become popular with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, J.Lo, Nicollette Sheridan and showing off their marks.

Our workplace is sacred to us – it expresses who we are. We spend the majority of the day there, aspiring for success, executing projects, interacting and building rapport – all while trying to keep ourselves energized.

Are you organized or disorganized? How is your image at work, within your team and your company? Do you feel like you are always struggling with people and projects? Do you feel like you are never able to get ahead at work? Are the people in your office always a bother?

How to clear your desk
The number one topic for space clearing is, clear your clutter! Tidy up, so that you can start feeling rejuvenated and begin accomplishing all that you need to. When I come to work with a clear desk, I feel like I’m prepared for the day.

  • Rid your sacred workspace of clutter, including on your desk, in drawers, in cabinets and on the floor.
  • Don’t take this whole project on at once if you don’t have the time. Allocate extra time in the morning to get one area done. Maybe you only have time for one drawer. That’s fine. You are working efficiently even when you conquer small projects.
  • When organizing your folders, why not use colored ones? Make your folders fun!
  • Purchase new pens and notebooks that represent your personality. We are kids at heart and still love these small touches.
  • Where is your trash can? Is it where everyone can see it? When someone walks by your desk area, if they are able to see your waste can, they are throwing away all of their “garbage” when they see it. Yikes!
  • Use green, non-toxic cleaning products to clean your desk, mouse, telephone, cabinets and shelves.
  • Conscious thoughts like “I’m dusting off the past, cleaning for the now, to allow fresh new energy into my desk space,” are great affirmations to think about as you are cleaning.

Personalizing your workspace
Take a look at all the personal belongings in your space. Do they represent the genuine you? Get rid of objects or pictures that don’t bring you happiness or old memories that no longer serve you.

  • Sometimes we really enjoy media fads. But have you ever thought about what kind of energy it brings to your environment? None of us really want to be working with or around zombies, skulls, dragons, etc. These images have energy-draining components. Keep them away!
  • Flowers brighten up everyone’s day. Bringing new vitality into your office is a great way to get the energy flowing! You may want to bring in flowers with less of an aromatic scent, in case someone in the office is allergic.

Energizing your workspace

  • We all need to be rejuvenated throughout the day. Why not give yourself some refreshing mists in the air? Make an aromatherapy concoction yourself, or do a little shopping for aromatherapy mists in the market. Lemongrass, eucalyptus, lavender, mint, lemon and citrus are all great.
  • Make it your magic; the conscious intent of one spray and squirt goes a long way to rejuvenate you and your space. As you make that one spray, affirm –“I’m rejuvenating my space and allowing clear revitalizing energy into my day!”
  • Please note, I’m not recommending harsh chemical air fresheners found in mega retailers. Spraying these in our office environment can be harmful to everyone, creating allergic reactions and releasing toxics chemicals into the air.

As you look at your sacred workspace, know that small daily changes can make a huge difference. You will see a shift in your energy as you make these changes, which will allow you to accomplish more and have a better sense of balance.

When not working in the corporate world as a marketing manager, Sara Egert focuses her passion and enthusiasm on feng shui and yoga. Her transformational journey started as a student of the Western School of Feng Shui, completing multiple 30-day yoga challenges, and recently finishing her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. Sara also owns Whimsical Feng Shui, consulting service to help people improve their balance and energies in personal and/or work environments. Follow Sara on Twitter.