People say that marriages are made in heaven. And sharing all the ensuing pouffy lace/tulle + overpriced cake + drunken bridesmaids and groomsmen on social media is a must. Divorce, on the other hand, can get messy, depressing and socially awkward. So why is everyone talking about this new #DivorceSelfie trend?

Say Cheese!
Judging by all the happy faces posting images of themselves ‘consciously uncoupling’ a la celeb power pair, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, it appears that there are plenty of folks out there who view divorce as a healthy ending of a relationship that wasn’t meant to be, and a chance to move on in life while still being friends.

Instead of duking it out over who gets what and how much money goes to whom, these couples are ensuring that they display their love for each other by simply going their separate ways. Think of the tons of money saved in lawyer’s fees and time saved in court. Kids resulting from these marriages are likely to be better-adjusted post the separation than kids whose parents are constantly fighting because they don’t want to ‘give up’ on marriage.

Happy Endings
Perhaps one of the most lovely and moving posts was put up by a lady who calls herself heatherofsparta on Instagram, “Got a #divorce today. Live tweeted about it, too, @hthrhllywd. So modern. Forever wasn’t as long as we had anticipated, but it was a beautiful trip we took. I think this is what unconditional love looks like. It didn’t work for us but we are still hopeless romantics and I wouldn’t change a thing. I trained him super well, but sorry ladies, he’s already taken. As for me, I’m going cat shopping.”

This was followed by several hashtags, each more hilarious than the last: #lessonsinlove #divorceselfies #transformationtuesday #happilydivorced #newnormal #ontheprowl #canwestillbefriends #idontevenlikecats

A bit shocking? Probably. Funny? Most definitely. Do we approve? Hell, yeah! If your relationship seems like it’s dragging you down and you suddenly realize your partner and you are never going to be able to work it out any longer, quit beating them or yourself up and take charge of your life. Being together with someone special is wonderful, loving and respecting yourself is crucial.

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