Everyone’s been there at some time or the other; you’re getting hot and heavy with your partner – lust, sensuality and intense emotions are at play when your body betrays you. Whether it’s an awful sound, the lack of or excess bodily fluids, or just plain old silly accidents, behavior in the boudoir can be unpredictable and often embarrassing.

If you’ve ever experienced any of the following incidents, rest assured that you are definitely not alone:
1. Strange Sounds: When air gets trapped in your privates or you happen to break wind in the middle of all those muscular contractions, it can make strange sounds while escaping and this can lead to an awkward moment. Best bet? Laugh it off and continue whatever you were doing.
2. Wet Spot: Bodily fluids are going to escape and most likely leave their mark on whatever surface you’re doing the deed. Relax and if you’re worried about those 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, have the good sense to lay down a towel before you get busy. That way, you can focus on the task at hand and let go of your worries.
3. Dry As A Bone: If too much body fluid is a bad thing, too little is possibly even worse. Since dryness can mean painful and potentially damaging sex, we suggest using a good lubricant that won’t interfere with barrier methods like condoms, and maybe even enhance the whole act.
4. Bump & Grind: There’s a reason sex has been likened to a sport. With all that heart-racing action going on, you’re bound to knock heads, elbows, noses, strain some ligaments and bruise a few other bits in your quest for pleasure. Maybe some gentle yoga stretches before, would help? Smart athletes always warm up before the main event.
5. Walk The Talk: Communication is just important in the bedroom as it is in the boardroom, since sex is a delicate negotiation deal where everyone wants to emerge a winner. Whether it is informing your partner of your needs, changing the pace or position, or even just plain old dirty talk, be clear, gentle and honest. That works every time. Switching off mentally and just going with the flow is not fair on your or your partner, since it definitely takes two to tango.

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