Most Americans spend a bigger part of the day at work, which pretty much eats into gym time, leisure, and social activities. Where’s the chance to care for health? At work, of course. Nearly half of the employers in the country offer wellness programs, which often include wellness screening activities to identify health risks and interventions to reduce them. What about the other half? A good organization will care for the health and well-being of its staff. Here’s a checklist of what your employer should be looking after.

Your Mental Health
Faced with a constant barrage of stress-inducing deadlines and seemingly impossible targets to achieve, employees can simply burn out. One of the best preventive remedies for this is a space where they can retreat within, relax and recharge. A quiet meditation room or a small Zen garden are best suited for this purpose. A counselor on call, who can guarantee confidentiality, is a valuable investment that will help workers who experience isolation, depression or anxiety. Your organization should also invest in team building exercises and regular offsite visits, which can foster better work relationships and confidence at work.

Your Physical Health
A Gallup poll found that workers who are overweight or obese miss an estimated 450 million additional days of work, as compared to healthy workers, costing approximately $153 billion in lost productivity, per year. Moreover, fit employees simply mean they have more energy to devote to their career. If you find you don’t have the time or energy to visit the gym after work, it makes sense to have access to an office gym. If this is not an option, find out if your employer will reimburse gym fees and sign up for an annual membership at your neighborhood exercise hub. A good organization should also have employee-friendly policies for medical coverage, holidays, sick leaves, and retirement programs.

Your Food Options
Natasha Léger, global strategy consultant to start-ups and Fortune 500 companies, states that if you find yourself eating all three major meals at the workplace, you most likely have an unhealthy diet. According to the RAND Employer Survey and DOL Workplace Wellness Study, only 21 percent of employers focus on healthy foods as a health promotion corporate action. Don’t fall in that category. Ask your employer to stock items like fruit, salads, healthful munchies like air popped corn or roasted nuts, and beverages like green tea instead of coffee or soda.

These three factors will impact your career in the long run. A healthy mind and body will ensure greater productivity at work. Make sure you step up and demand to be looked after.

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Simona is a journalist who has worked with several leading publications in India over the last 17 years, writing on lifestyle topics and the arts, besides interviewing celebrities. She made the switch to public relations and headed the division as PR Manager at ITC Hotels’ flagship property, the ITC Grand Chola, but has since returned to her first love, journalism. Now she writes on food, which she is sincerely passionate about and wellness, which she finds fascinating and full of surprises. When she isn’t writing, she is busy playing the role of co-founder and communications director of The Bicycle Project, a six-year-old charity initiative that empowers tribal children in rural areas, while addressing the issue of urban waste.