When 40 year-old Vijay Bhat was diagnosed with cancer of the colon 13 years back, he was gripped with fear. He underwent a surgery to remove the tumors but decided against the preventive chemotherapy sessions that ensure that the cancerous cells don’t regenerate.

Instead, he chose a holistic approach; positive thinking, complementary therapies, a planned diet and exercise program and lifestyle changes. Somewhere along his 11 year-long journey to recovery, a family friend introduced Bhat to cellular healing by gifting him the book Getting Well Again: A Step-by-step, Self-help Guide to Overcoming Cancer for Patients and Their Families by Stephanie Simonton.

Cellular healing is a traditional healing technique, proven by Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNI), which is a study of the interaction between psychological processes and the immune systems of the human body. PNI validates the connection between the psychological and the physiological.

Vijay Bhat’s wife and caregiver Nilima didn’t go ahead with chemotherapy because she was concerned about the cellular memory, an imprint of disease that makes the body reproduce it even in new cells that are born once the cancerous cells are eliminated. She learnt and adopted ‘person centric’ techniques to conquer the disease, which the couple have documented in their book I Am My Cancer.

The process
She explains the process of cellular healing as “re-setting the memory of cells so the new ones aren’t aware of the illness”. To achieve this, pioneers like Carl and Stephanie Simonton, Lawrence Le Shan, Jon Kabat-Zinn developed techniques for relaxation, self-awareness and positive mental imagery.

Nilima explains the three core techniques she used with her husband, “Relaxation helps break the tension and accept the body as a partner in the healing process. Self-awareness is used as the means to dig deep into one’s motivations, aspirations and distortions. Mental imagery is a tool for actively influencing the immune system.”

According to cellular healing, the mind, body and soul function as one unit. It essentially means that when a person is ill it’s not just his physical self that is out of balance but also his mind and soul. What we can see, however, are only the physical symptoms. In keeping with the fundamentals of cellular healing, treating only physical symptoms will not heal the patient.

Guidance is at hand
Even though cellular healing is about a personal journey, patients can opt for a cellular guide or healer, who counsels them through the journey. Manasi Thakkar, a trained healer, conducts workshops in Mumbai to guide patients through meditation and guided imagery. “We all have the potential to heal our bodies with positive vibrations. But, we are so caught up with work and material life that we lose touch with ourselves. I help patients reconnect with themselves and increase self-awareness,” she says.

Taking responsibility for your illness is very essential, believes Nilima. “The tumor is the result of the breakdown of your immunity due to stress. Stress is yours to control and overcome. Its cause lies within you. The body will be able to return to health after that.”

The more one practices, the better are the results.

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