Having a bad day? Take a hint from The Sound of Music’s Maria von Trapp and surround yourself with some of your favorite things. If you think taking advice from a Broadway musical is, for a lack of a better word, too juvenile, then we have a list of 7 sure-fire ways to make you feel better on a rainy day. Read on:

1. Disconnect
Smartphones bring with them a fair share of stress and anticipation. Each day, switch off your phone for an hour and go for a walk or read a book. Remember what life was like before wireless technology had you tangled in its web?

2. Sing out loud
Imagine what an episode of American Idol would be like, without the judges, of course. Now sing aloud no matter how bad you think you may be. Belt out the blues, pop, rock or country, it’s all good.
The point of this exercise is to relieve you, so don’t be uptight. The sillier the song, the better. Pick something from your childhood; one is more likely to remember the lyrics of those cheesy boy band numbers.

3. Sweat it out
Light exercise helps release endorphins that go straight to your feel-good receptors. The movement has us breathing more heavily and increases the oxygen levels in the body.
Choose wisely how you want to sweat. A long run is a good option. Make sure the exercise isn’t too cumbersome else it will leave you in a foul mood.
If you aren’t a gym person then dance like you are possessed by the spirit of Shakira or pick an old Michael Jackson tune, where you know the moves and shake that tail feather. If you are worried about waking the kids, plug in those expensive headphones. It may look ridiculous from afar but it’s sure to get the job done.

4. Play with a puppy
Pets aren’t just fair-weather friends. Twenty minutes of rolling on the floor with your neighbor’s mutt will make you feel like a child again.
Make sure to carry a ball; it’s rude to go to party without a gift. This one is sure to melt away your troubles.

5. Call up an old buddy
Sometimes all we need is a change of perspective to get us out of a rut. Remember your old college buddy who cheered you up after getting your heart broken for the nth time? Call him up. See what he is up to.
He’ll love catching up and you’ll get a chance to forget about your daily irritancies.

6. Unleash the inner you
You know when most artists created their best works- when they were down and out. Well, maybe you’ll have the same luck.
Channel your inner feelings through painting, music or comedy. This could even involve watching hilarious cat videos on the Internet! If you aren’t the artsy kind, try cooking or baking; it can prove to be quite therapeutic.

7. Eat your favorite food
This is not to say that you should regularly cheat on your diet to deal with or suppress emotions. You don’t have to binge; a small portion of your favorite food will make you feel better and more equipped to take on the world. If ice-cream is your thing, store healthier, personal-sized fruit yogurt packs in the refrigerator instead of a tub of decadent full-cream ice-cream.