It’s a difficult world for single folks, and despite online dating being a relatively safe way to meet new people (provided you take certain precautions), you can never tell who you might encounter.

Like the time certain unwitting Tinder users chatted with a sweet young girl who came across as really nice until they discovered she was actually a robot designed to trick you into engaging with her on the app, following which you were directed to an ad for Ex Machina, a recently released sci-fi film about the ethics of Artificial Intelligence. Talk about being scammed, that too ironically!

While being careful online is possible and relatively easy to ensure, what about when your date wants to meet offline? Sure you can stage a setup with hidden cameras so your date is screened and recorded for evidence in case they try anything funny, but that really isn’t the attitude you want to start a potential relationship with.

There are plenty of articles, podcasts and videos on how to prepare for a first date, what to say and what to definitely not say, but nothing really empowers you enough to deal with a first date, which can be stressful territory, especially with all the pressure to pick the perfect venue, outfit, drink, meal and of course, conversation topics. Check out the advice for sure, but base your actions on each individual situation, and decide what things are just the ultimate deal breakers that can influence whether you go on to a second date, or have to return to the drawing board, or your favorite dating app. Just be sure you’re not talking to a robot!

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