Emotional Well-being

Spiritual leaders Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu spread the word of joy, and show how laughter can be a crucial part of your well-being.
A recent scientific study reveals that engaging in arts and crafts as well as socializing helps delay or even prevent the onset of dementia in later years.
A new study reveals that adults who have ADHD are more likely to report sexual and physical abuse before they turned 16 than their peers.
Whether it’s an awful sound, the lack of or excess bodily fluids, or just plain old silly accidents, behavior in the boudoir can be unpredictable and often embarrassing.
Social networking sites like Facebook can help patients after a mental health crisis.
Nicotine is reported to cause rapid escalation of alcohol drinking in smokers, putting their health at bigger risk.
A new scientific shoots down all the hoopla over boosting ones sex drive, citing that it is nothing but spontaneous desire.
The opening of an art museum designed solely for the selfie-obsessed, brings together classical art and modern technology.
Are you ready to be a tree-hugger and an eco-warrior like supermodel Gisele Bündchen? It has its perks for your health, too.
Scientific research has traced our sexual attraction to runners back to the time when hunters were prized for their intelligence, endurance and generosity.