Do you wake up with a heavy head or feel fatigued halfway through the day? Here are few tips that will keep you feeling fresh and energized.

  1. Power Nap: Taking a 15-20 minutes catnap not only boosts energy, but also brings back alertness. It benefits your decision-making ability as well.
  2. Stretch Out: Lie down and put your feet up in the air and stretch out (taking the support of a wall, if required). This will result in massive blood flow to your head and will make you feel awake instantly. Another good stretch is to stand with your legs hip-width apart, and slowly roll down until you can touch the feet, relaxing your mind and breathing slowly.
  3. Soak In The Sun: Vitamin D keeps you feeling happy and productive. Get 15 minutes of sunshine to warm up a lazy day.
  4. Drink Plenty Of Water: Dehydration slows down the flow of oxygen in your body, especially in the brain. This makes you feel more drowsy and tired. Sip on water every now and then.
  5. Use Peppermint: The aroma of this essential oil stimulates the mind and boosts the production of serotonin in the body. It makes you feel happy and awake. Create an aroma vaporizer in the room, or add a few drops to your bath to get rid of tiredness.

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A graduate in English Literature, Shruti comes with a gamut of experience in academic freelance writing and television journalism. A strong believer of holistic living, she has always followed the mantra of “a healthy body and a happy mind”. Naturally then, it wasn’t long before she found herself inclined towards wellness and lifestyle. She now writes on these subjects in a professional capacity at Z Living. Her inherent curiosity about healthy living makes her a connoisseur of all things natural, and motivates her to share the knowledge through her writing.