As a kid, he was so much more than just a caregiver to you. Dad was your superhero, the cooler parent who let you slip away from mom’s rage, and the one who let you eat pop tarts for dinner. With time, however, relations go through a sea change, and you probably don’t bond with dad the same way anymore.

This Father’s Day is an opportune moment to meet dad, rediscover your relationship, and strengthen the father-daughter bonding. Whether you’re busy with your work or your adult life woes, take some time out for him, and see his face light up. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Start Afresh: No matter why you grew apart, it’s time to leave it behind. Forgiving, and letting go of the past will empower the two of you to move on. Begin with a new start, which will help you to fill in the gaps, and construct a better relationship for your future.

2. Communicate More Often: Even if you live too far and can’t visit him frequently, make sure the channels of communication are always open. However, don’t force a conversation with him, let it come naturally. Watching the game with him, video chatting, or just texting him every once in a while, will help him open up better to you.

3. Ask For His Opinions & His Help: Nothing gives him more joy than being of help to you. Don’t shy away from taking his opinions and advice, whenever required. Ask him for tips on gardening, or how to manage your finances to save taxes, and believe us when we say that he knows better.

4. Involve Him In Your Life: Some dads can be too shy or arrogant to force their presence in your life; you have to take most of the initiative. Visit him or call him over for the holiday, or allow your kids to spend time with him.  He is your father, and wherever you are, he rightly belongs in your life.

5. Take Up A Hobby Together: Consider an art class or pottery, even gardening or sailing to spend more time with him, if you really need a reason to do so. You might be surprised at how similar the two of you are, and how some of your personality traits come from him. Like father, like daughter!

It’s never too late to reconnect with your dad. Sharing a strong relationship with your parents will enhance your life, and will provide you with a support system you can rely on in the toughest times. So go ahead and make that call, wish him a happy Father’s Day.

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