If a new research is anything to go by, human-to-robot sex will be more common than human-to-human sex by circa 2050.

In his prediction about the future of sex, futurologist Dr Ian Pearson claims that having sex with a humanoid robot will be a common phenomenon a few decades from now, The Telegraph reported. This is thanks to the advancements in technology, and the sex market growing at a steady rate with a demand for novelty each year. Pearson’s study said, “We will start to see some forms of robot sex appearing in high-income households as soon as 2025. Robot sex will overtake human-to-human sex in 2050. The sex market in 20 years could be three times bigger than today and seven times bigger by 2050.”

While sex toys such as vibrators, beads, penis sleeves, and rubber dolls have been commonly purchased and used for a century now, actual sex robots have been limited to fiction and fantasy. Surely, not everybody is taking a liking to this idea. We’ve been telling you about the benefits of self-pleasuring, and have answered your questions about the intimate act of masturbation. The concept of a sex robot certainly takes things to the next level. Are you game?

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