Sexting is like the unsung hero of every kind of relationship. Whether you’ve been looking for a fling or something more than that, sending across a series of raunchy text messages keeps the fire burning.

Everybody has played this game at some point. Most of us began playing it since the ancient times of SMS messages, then came the rise of chat messengers like Whatsapp, which made it a lot more interesting. Now with smartphone apps like Snapchat and Kik around, sexting has taken dirty talking to a whole new level. [Also Read: Dirty Talk: What To Say In Bed To Turn Up The Heat]

So if you’ve missed out on all the fun or you want to sharpen your skills, here are six rules of sexting that will up your game.

1. Start Slow
A slow start builds up the anticipation for what’s to come. Play coy at the beginning. Leave them subtle clues that you’re interested, but don’t act needy. Tell them how you like the way they looked when you last met, or how you find their voice utterly infectious. Remember, you want to heat up the sexual tension.

2. Be A Tease
Once you have their attention, create some mystery. Show them what a tease you can be. For instance, tell them what you’re wearing tonight, give out some details and leave the rest to imagination.

3. Reveal Your Intention
Now that you’ve got their full attention, go for the kill. Don’t be shy about expressing your feelings and emotions. Use apps such as Snapchat, which are designed to make messages last only for a couple of seconds (messages are not archived).

4. Guide Them
When it comes to sexting, you really leave a lot to guesswork, since you are not with them in person. Let your emotions guide you and in turn, you could guide your person of interest. Don’t be shy to express what works for you, and what doesn’t. Remember, the person on the other end is part of the game too, so let them have their moments.

5. A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, But Be Cautious
Sexting is no rocket science. At most times, it comes naturally to us. Sending out a sexy photo of yourself can heat things up. Pictures always make it more interesting, but be absolutely sure about the person you’re sending it to. Are they trustworthy enough to use your images in privacy? Identity theft and cyberbullying are very real concerns.

6. Maintain Anonymity With Strangers
If you’ve picked someone up from a chat room or Tinder, remember not to give out your real name or even share photos of your face. Sure, you could have your fun if you choose to do so, but maintain anonymity.

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