Intimacy and sex are all about seducing the senses. The visual attraction of each other’s physical appearance, the effect of candlelight, and perhaps some provocative lingerie is probably the easiest to achieve. Then there’s the aroma of exotic perfume, flowers, essential oils and of course, your lover’s own pheromones. The power of touch is exceptional, and whether you massage or gently caress each other, it can definitely and positively set the right mood. But what about acoustic stimulation? While music is a fairly standard and reliable resource to transform any atmosphere into a romantic setting, what about using the right words?

The sound of your lover’s voice is a potent intoxicant, whether they choose to whisper sweet nothings in your ear, moan in pleasure or even suggest naughty things they’d like you to do to them. Talking dirty during sex need not involve profanity or lewd language.

Still not sure about how to begin or what to say? Relax, and read our short and sweet lowdown on dirty talk:

  1. Show & Tell: Describe what you’re feeling so that your partner knows what turns you on. Saying their touch gives you shivers of pleasure will encourage them to boost the tempo, while telling them how turned on you are at that moment will help them decide what to do next. Drop gentle hints.
  2. Be Specific: Just saying you find them sexy is not enough, especially when the devil is in the details. Articulate what you find attractive about them, such as commenting on how their skin is so soft, or that their broad shoulders make you want to grab them.
  3. Alter The Volume: It’s a myth that yelling out loud enough to wake the neighbors is a hallmark of super-hot sex. Sometimes, a muffled moan can inspire goose bumps, and a well-timed whisper can push your partner over the edge. When you are in the throes of passion, feel free to groan or growl aloud.
  4. Use Strategy: If your partner begins to do something that makes you uncomfortable or feels unpleasant, try gently proposing what you would like them to do instead. Guiding them with husky suggestions can be a huge turn on and a learning experience as well.
  5. Name Dropping: If all else fails and you feel too shy to do any of the above, know that endearing nicknames, or even just their name, repeated over and over again, can be a sensational success.

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