Growing old isn’t really easy. The ravages of time don’t spare even the strongest, smartest or most disciplined person. So how does one win the race against time, and arrest the process of aging? It’s not difficult to figure out the simple answer to that, since most folks already know you ought to eat right, take care of your looks and get regular exercise.

But that’s not all; cutting through the chaotic, contradictory and sometimes downright corny information floating out there, we have narrowed down a list of tips that will act as a handy guide to a more youthful, energetic and revitalized you.

Read on for sensible advice on staying young beyond just superficial appearances:

  1. Mental Agility: It’s not just enough to follow the right diet and get enough exercise if your mind is numb and half asleep. Keep your brain active with puzzles, train it to be sharper, and engage in new learning activities constantly.
  2. Spiritual Balance: While taking care of the mind and body, it’s easy to forget that we need to be spiritually fit too. Regular meditation, and taking time out to reconnect with ourselves and people who nourish our souls (so that we are more wholesome beings), are the two most important factors.
  3. Magical Antioxidants: It’s not easy to maintain a healthy diet, nor is it easy for our bodies to absorb different amounts of nutrients from even the best quality food, which is why we need to ensure we get a high intake of antioxidants through supplements such as vitamin C and E. Speak to your doctor or nutritionist about recommended doses.
  4. Enough Rest: To perform at our best, we need to get good amounts of downtime that helps the body, mind and spirit refresh and regenerate, so it can be more efficient. Anything less than six hours a night is bad news and will show up on your face and in your physical and mental stamina levels. Your tolerance, immunity, libido and longevity will suffer.

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