Office Workers: You may not be prone to dryness or sunburns, but you run the risk of melanoma when you take that leisurely stroll during lunch. The condition occurs when people are exposed to bursts of sunlight, as opposed to continued exposure. And if you’re not one to spend long hours in the sun, even getting a little extra sunlight on the weekend can be harmful. And need we also remind you that air-conditioning dehydrates your skin and hair significantly? Never underestimate the importance of sunblock and moisturizers, in order to protect your skin.

Do you find yourself weary and exhausted half way through the day? Long working hours, deadlines, and work pressure can be overwhelming and tiring. In such situations, staying pepped up can be a challenge.

We share simple hacks that can help you stay active and energized, while also improving your concentration levels at work.

1. Move More Often: Get on your feet after every one hour. A desk job, wherein you’re on your seat for long hours, is not only unhealthy, but also psychologically tiring. Take a short break after every 60 to 90 minutes. Climb up and down the stairs, or try these stretching exercises to relax your muscles. This will activate your blood flow, thereby making you feel fresh.

2. Take A Power Nap: If possible, take a 10-minute catnap during your lunch break. It will not only boost energy, but also bring back alertness. Sara Mednick, PhD, sleep medicine researcher and author of Take A Nap! Change Your Life, says that napping can even reverse aging, strengthen the sex drive, accelerate the ability to perform motor tasks, minimize stress hormones, and alleviate migraines.

3. Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings: Keeping busy with your work always hampers your thought process. Spend some time doing nothing; take a couple of minutes to let your mind dawdle. Keep it short and simple, and drive your mind back to work gently.

4. Play Footsie: Roll a tennis ball under your feet, one foot at a time, for a few minutes. Or kick back with a foot massage to soothe those stressed nerve endings. This will keep your toes flexible, prevent cramping, and help relax the whole body.

5. Embrace The Power Of Colors: Colors can be very influential. They are amazing, fun, mood-altering and healing. Studies have shown that profound physiological and psychological changes may occur simply by altering the color of light entering people’s eyes. Get to know what color works best for you. Accessorize your desk with colorful notepads, papers, or a pretty lamp in bright colors.

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