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Minimalist living is all about learning to streamline and organize your lifestyle so that you can live, think, and act in a clear and energizing manner. Having a clean kitchen that's organized and void of excess "stuff" is a part...
With shorter days, longer nights, and more time spent at home, winter is the perfect time of year to fit in some extra bonding with your nearest and dearest. In this article, we'll explore five cozy winter pastimes that you can enjoy with your family.
Okay, you are twenty-one weeks pregnant! The finish line is in sight, and there is more on your mind than ever before. First of all, if you're already thinking about when the baby arrives, we have the perfect thing.
If you're 22-weeks pregnant, then there's a whole world of exciting and helpful information to learn about you and your baby. Sure, thoughts of parenting might be overwhelming, making it tough to focus on the now.
Those of you who are 24-weeks pregnant, or simply planning for the time, have a lot to consider at this late stage of pregnancy. Your brain is likely running all the way from figuring out a birth plan to planning for when the baby has actually arrived. Luckily, we have all the tools to help you prioritize.
In recent years there's been so much pressure put on women to breastfeed their newborns that there's even a word for it: bressure. The "breast is best" activism and out-and-out shaming of moms who use formula — even those unable to produce enough milk — has given rise to yet another word: lactivists. As this Channel 4 UK piece states, “Some new mothers say the pressure to breastfeed—reinforced by the craze for breastfeeding selfies, or “brelfies”—is making those who feed their children by bottle feel like failures." And what does all this "bressure" and "lactivism" stem from? A bevy of research. Exclusively breast-fed babies are said to be protected against diseases, infections, allergies, and even have higher IQs as they grow. That is, until now. A new 20-year study has debunked the claim that exclusively breast-fed babies are smarter than their bottle-fed peers.
The 6th month of pregnancy marks the end of the second trimester. Looking back over earlier pregnancy difficulties may help you realize that you can cope with whatever comes next. This month will probably not bring any major physical changes, but your baby continues to grow and prepare for life outside the womb.
You've hit your 14th week. You’re starting the second trimester (weeks 13-27). Congratulations! This is known as the gestation period and it’s considered the most relaxing and easiest time of the pregnancy.
How can you be the best mom? While there is no right answer to this, you can strive to becoming an awesome parent by joining a new brigade of mommas who are creating waves in the world of parenting. They call themselves millennial moms. Tech-savvy, well-informed, and creative, these millennial moms are redefining rules of parenting. How? See for yourself.
But if you get a little creative and upgrade your Easter egg hunt, the activity really is the gift that keeps on giving — I mean, what's better than children being kept busy for hours upon hours on end? Even the most jaded of older kids will reach a whole new level of excitement when they're set loose on these unique hunts.