Does that wave from your child put you in a frenzy? Do you worry about the big, bad things lurking out there that can harm your kids unless you are there to protect them? Do you want details of every single minute your child spends away from you?

If your answer is yes to all of the above questions, you’ve probably earned the tag of a helicopter mom. Of course you have your child’s best intentions at heart, but sometimes, that extra protectiveness can lead to a difficult situation and embarrassment. Your constant hovering over your child’s life and personal space might be detrimental to his growth.

We give you five scenarios and reactions that would help you decide if you’re a helicopter mom.

1. Your kid is heading out the door and waves at you.
Helicopter mom reaction:
 You almost feel physical pain when you see your kid wave at you and move on. Whether your kid is in kindergarten or high school, you want to constantly be around him. Even five minutes of separation makes you anxious and you find it difficult to focus on other important tasks. You keep on texting his teacher asking about your child’s well-being.

2. Your kid has to make a project for school.
Helicopter mom reaction: You will instruct your kid on how to do it, but will end up doing it all yourself! You worry that your kid will not finish it in time and would not do it in the best possible way. Plus it is part of a competition and your kid has to win it at any cost.

3. Your tween wants to take the subway ride to school alone.
Helicopter mom reaction: You tell your tween that another year and you will allow it, even though you know it in your heart that you will not be able to let your kid ride alone, even if there are friends along.

4. Your kid is playing in the park and another kid snatches the swing from him.
Helicopter mom reaction: You will start with a smile and jump in, telling the offending kid that he’s wrong and that it is your kid’s turn to play now. Though you want your kid to learn how to deal with social situations like these, you are still not ready to let your child experience these first-hand.

5. You know that someone in your kid’s class is unwell.
Helicopter mom reaction: You hand a sanitizer to your kid and instruct him to use it every 15 minutes. You also pack in a set of fresh towels in his bag. You ask your kid to keep his nose and mouth covered in class and not to go near the sick child. You might even keep him home the next day.

As a mom, you want the best for your kid, but sometimes, the extra love and protection can do more harm than good. Let your kid learn from his experiences and mistakes. Give yourself a breather and soon enough, you’ll realize how responsible and mature your kid can be!

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