When Levi’s CEO said he hadn’t washed his jeans in a year, many of us groaned in disgust. Only later did we realize that washing denim jeans was a common laundry mistake. Regular washing messes with the fit of the garment, causing it to shrink, and also strips off the color, in most cases.

Whether you buy jeans worth $15 or $300, throwing them in the washer and the dryer causes them to wear off, slowly but surely. But we’re not suggesting you go around wearing unclean jeans. For everyday denim that is not mucky, dirty or stained (in which case you will have to wash it), here is a quick hack to keep it clean and odor-free.

The Freezer Trick:
The main problem with used jeans is the bacteria that get transferred from your skin to the jeans. This is what causes the odor as well. Freezing the jeans at low temperatures will kill a majority of this bacteria, keeping them looking and smelling fresh (without the shrinking and fading).

The Process:

  • Use a clean and dry brush to dust your jeans inside and out, including the pockets.
  • Fold it carefully and place it into a large Ziploc, cloth or canvas bag.
  • Squeeze the bag to draw out all of the air.
  • Place this pack into the freezer, and leave it overnight.
  • Remove it the following day for a fresher, cleaner pair of jeans.

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