Q: I’m six months pregnant and getting ready to paint the nursery. What do you recommend I use to reduce my exposure to fumes and is there any natural house paint you can recommend?
A: It’s so smart of you to make sure both you and your unborn fetus are not exposed to paint fumes. When it comes to paint, look for low- or no-VOC on the label. There are several decent brands of eco-paints on the market, and make sure that the paint you buy has the Green Seal “mark of environmental responsibility” or states that it meets Green Seal Standard GS-11. The Green Seal organization sets more stringent standards than the EPA for acceptable VOC levels in paint. For example, for interior flat paint, the EPA allows levels of 250 grams per liter (g/L) while Green Seal allows only 50 g/L. This means they will also have a low impact on the environment throughout its life cycle, from manufacturing to disposal.

Some examples of good paints include Freshaire from Home Depot and Harmony Paint by Sherwin-Williams. In addition there are some good choices from Benjamin Moore, True Value and Glidden. To get an even lower VOC content you’ll need to find either Non-Toxic or Natural Paint from Yolo Colorhouse and Mythic Paint which are zero-VOC paints.

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