What To Evaluate: Check the condition of the room you sleep in, your bed, and the type of pillow you use. The room should not be hotter than 70 degrees, and the mattress and the pillow must be supportive (not too soft).

The surroundings you live in affect your thoughts and consciousness. Imagine how calm you could be when you return home to a pristine bedroom, as opposed to sleeping amid a pile of old magazines. Here are five tips on organizing your bedroom for a better living.

  1. De-Clutter: Organize your room to make it clean. Cluttered things not only make the room looked messed up, but also give way to dust and dust mites. Apart from causing allergies, this can lead to mental turbulence as well.
  2. Avoid Carpeting: Cleaning wooden floors is an easy and effective way to keep dust and pollutants away. No matter how efficiently you clean your carpets, they are still a home to dirt, mold, odor, moisture and pesticides.
  3. Clean With Simple Non-Toxic Ingredients: Cleaning with a harsh chemical releases dangerous toxins. Instead of commercial cleaners, go for homemade ones that include vinegar and baking soda.
  4. Ventilate The Room Regularly: Proper regulation of the air inside the room is very important, as the air trapped indoors tends to become intoxicated after a while. Open the windows, and let the sun do some work.
  5. Don’t Track Dirt With Your Shoes: Taking your dirty shoes inside is like taking diseases in with you. Removing your shoes outside the house is a good way of limiting the allergens in your living room.

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