Popular as a cooking ingredient and a beauty essential, coconut oil has been en vogue for some time now. But that’s not all of it; this versatile ingredient has numerous uses. In this post, we highlight some amazing ways to use coconut oil around your house:

  • To Shine Leather: If your leather shoes or bag looks dull and weary, rub some coconut oil onto the surface to bring back that polished, shiny look.
  • To Stop Doors From Squeaking: If your doors or windows make that annoying, screechy sound, rub some of this oil on the edge of the frames or hinges to smoothen their movement.
  • To Get Rid Of Chewing Gum Residue: Have the kids left gum under the table? Fret not; soak a cotton ball with coconut oil, and dab it on the trouble spot. This will loosen the gum and make it easier to peel off.
  • To Condition Wooden Furniture: Over the years, wooden furniture can get dry and dull. Restore it to its glossy state, by smoothing some oil onto it.
  •  To Season Your Cast Iron Skillet: A cast iron skillet is an essential kitchen equipment to have around, but washing it with soap and water usually causes it to lose its seasoning. Instead, try coating it with coconut oil before use. This will take care of the pan’s seasoning.

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