Cooking, working, parenting, socializing—people around the world are quick and efficient to get chores done. But when it comes to their finances, many of them, especially women, find themselves in a spot. More often than not, financial planning is seen as something dreary and complicated. Number crunching is not everyone’s cup of tea, nor do people consult with an accountant regularly. That said, money is integral to survival and prosperity. Be it for your family, your children, or for yourself, you need to be aware about your assets and savings. Read the first of a two-part series on building a healthy relationship with money.

Rewire Your Financial Thinking
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a homemaker or a white-collar professional, money is an integral part of your life and knowing how to manage it is the key to a peaceful and happy existence. We’ve been taught since childhood that loving money is bad because it leads to greed and miserly behavior. Think instead of how money can be used to enhance the quality of life, to achieve your dreams, or to provide for a loved one. The power of your subconscious is hugely underestimated when it comes to subjects like finances. Change your mental patterns to think about money differently.

Make Your Money Work For You
Constantly worrying about money can be harmful, but not thinking about it at all is equally damaging. The trick is to achieve a balance, learning to make your money work for you instead of the other way round. Focusing on what you have instead of what you don’t can bring about a sea change in your attitude. There will always be folks who have more than you—and those who have lesser. Practice gratitude on a daily basis and avoid ‘scarcity thinking’, which is focusing on lack rather than the abundance. Almost 80 percent of all humanity lives on less than $10 a day. Give thanks if you are not one of them, and make the best of what you have.

Feel Powerful About Money
Money has a lot to do with power. Barbara Stanny, a leading expert on women and wealth and bestselling author of Sacred Success: A Course in Financial Miracles, states that people’s problems with money have far less to do with money than they do with their ambivalence about power. Being financially independent is an empowering experience and gives you the strength to be your best self. Plenty of women are stuck in bad relationships because they are reliant on a spouse, parent or child to make the important decisions about money. Explore how you can reclaim your independence by becoming more money savvy and educating yourself on the best way to manage it.

Changing your attitude towards money is a big step in the right direction. In the second part of the series, get tips on becoming more financially savvy. Don’t miss out special feature on Grow Your Greens: How To Build A Healthy Relationship With Money (Part 2)

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